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Destin Amani

Destin Amani

The Democratic Republic of the Congo
30 years old
WhatsApp + 265-999164776/ +265-884600657
Biography collected and written by Primo Luanda Bauma


I’m a Congolese by nationality, from Sud-Kivu (eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo). I’m a Christian by faith. My parents attended the Roman Catholic Church. In my childhood, I joined a choir named Petit Chanteurs (small singers) and that is where I started singing. When I got to secondary school, I met some guys that had the same ambition as me, so we opened a music crew named Project Boy. I used to sing RNB but due to listening to American and French music, I got inspired to do hiphop and rap music. Little by little, I started practising hiphop and rap. I had a favourite rapper that I was listening to, so I copied his style. In school events, I could rap exactly like him, and everyone called me his name B2O (a nickname of a Fresh rapper).

After a little while, I faced insecurity with my family that left us with no choice than to flee the country. After a long walk, we found ourselves in Malawi.

Upon arriving in Malawi, I did not give up on my dream. Yes, I joined a crew named Tremendous for a period of 2 years. After Tremendous, I joined Salama Africa in 2015 up to 2020.

As of now, I do solo music, I work alone in various projects. My label is named Black Empire. I do hiphop and rap, trap rap, urban music, ect..

Music to me is life: it brings people together across disputes about their nationality or origins. Music is food for the soul.

The only message I give in my music is unity, loving one another and peace. I’m also inspiring. I always stick to the positive side.

I have big ambitions in life, I want to achieve big. I’m asking for people from all over the world to support Dzaleka art and more especially the music industry. As well, I’m requesting people who have the possibility to give us a chance to upload our music into different platforms so that Dzaleka music can be heard all over the world and so that it can have a visibility not only at the national level but internationally and worldwide. At last, this is a special request. I’m asking to make a fund to open a professional audio-visual studio in the camp whereby musicians and upcoming musicians can have the chance to expose their talents.

Destin Amani