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Ruben Kabasele (Stage name, Ruben Kaabs)

19 years old
Democratic Republic of Congo
Istagram: RubenKaabsBass,
Facebook/YouTube/TikTok: Ruben Kaabs
WhatApp: +265993381535
Biography collected and written by John Fenn

After arriving in Dzaleka in 2016, Ruben Kaabs began learning guitar from Elisha Beya. He focused on lead guitar at first, but then switched to bass and sought out instruction from videos on YouTube. He occasionally plays drums as well. He enjoys performing many genres, but noted that Congolese rumba, jazz, and sebene are his favorites. He plays in a range of settings, from church to small concerts to festivals. Music brings him excitement and can make him feel like he is in heaven, often putting him in the “best mood ever.” He notes that he has his own style on bass and guitar, developing it from the various styles which he has learned. He wants people all over to recognize this, too, and appreciate what he has accomplished with music.

Ruben Kabasele