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Hope Dondy Waziri

Hope Dondy Waziri

The Democratic Republic of the Congo
28 years old
WhatsApp: +265983398389
Biography collected and written by Primo Luanda Bauma
Photo by Primo Luanda Bauma


My name is Hope Dondy Waziri, aka Mr Bible. I was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Bukavu in South Kivu. I started my music career in the church. I used to sing in the choir when I was a kid. I learned a lot in the choir, like arranging music notes and how to create a melody. Music is the art of combining pleasing sounds for the ear. Singing in the choir boosted me to see a big picture in the art of music.

After some years, I stopped singing in the choir because the time they were giving us for practice was the same time that I was at school so I couldn’t manage to combine both choir and school. Stopping attending choir didn’t make me give up on my career. I continued with music despite it. I started writing music gospel songs. I remember those days recording music was too expensive, so I wasn’t able to record or shoot videos.

My first performance was at the age of 14. I was invited to perform at a neighbourhood party where people discovered my talent. After that party, they invited me again to a school party, and I performed my first song titled “Watoto wa Yes,” which means “Jesus’ kids.” People liked the song because it talks about the reality that happens in the lives of young people in my hometown of Bukavu.

In a certain show I performed, someone offered to support me to record a song in a professional studio, and I did. The song was titled “Love You.” After producing the song, the guy was pleased. He decided to sponsor our group and become our manager. I joined with 3 other guys, and we opened a crew called Black Stars. We recorded six songs but without any videos.

After a few years, music became my full time job. I even abandoned school because of music. I left Black Stars and joined another crew called New Family. Joining New Family was a breakthrough in my career. We recorded an album together and shot three videos. I improved a lot, and I got a big audience of fans (supporters).

I then started singing with various artists in the town. When I left the crew, I started writing songs and doing personal projects.

After some years, my family decided to flee the country because of insecurity and go to Malawi for safety. During my journey to Malawi, I met with some old musician friends in Tanzania. They had a show, so they invited me to participate. I performed with them in Kigoma in Tanzania.

When I left Tanzania and arrived at Dzaleka in Malawi in 2018, I was welcomed with a group named “The Branches.” The group supported me a lot, and I did five audio songs and one video with them.

The Branches group wasn’t that serious, so I left them. Now I work alone. Of course, I’m not that active because of the hardships in the camp. Music doesn’t pay so I do small jobs to sustain my life and to improve my living condition.

In the camp there is no opportunity, no support. Life is very hard here.

I’m asking people around the world to support refugee ideas in order to bring meaning in our lives.