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Ambroise Ngongo Bienvenu

Ambroise Ngongo Bienvenu

19 years old
The Democratic Republic of the Congo
Biography collected and written by Divine Irakoze


Bienvenu is a young refugee originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo who is currently living in Dzaleka. After living in the camp for some years, he had come to hate seeing the suffering that people were experiencing, especially refugees. Seeing how people get traumatized without any support. Seeing orphans and vulnerable children, how these children are discriminated against by the community. Widows, teen mothers, elderly people, and people living with disabilities. He decided to create an organization to work both inside and outside the camp to try and tackle these issues.

Bienvenu is a founder of Youth Movement for Saving Souls (YMSS). He created it in 2020, with the vision to support those who cannot afford any means of life such as those mentioned above. It is there to provide them with basic needs, giving them opportunities in education and vocational skills training as well as entrepreneurial skills that will help them make money and earn a living.

In addition to that, Bienvenu is also a talented young man himself. He is an artist who designs tablecloths, bracelets, anklets, necklaces, West Beads, and many other pieces. Through his talents and gifts, he likes to share with others financially and materially, as well as through teaching design. Due to lack of work opportunities, many youth in the camp end up involving themselves in unhealthy behaviours such as drug and substance abuse, theft, and some end up with unwanted pregnancies. Bienvenu wishes to share his talent to as many young people as he can so that they can create their own self-employment and become self-reliant.

Finally, Bienvenu plans to grow his organization and continue supporting vulnerable people. He wants to transform the world. He aims to make YMSS an international organization that will be providing support to thousands of people in the coming decade—especially refugees as they become victims of wars that take place in their countries.

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