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Bikorimana Egide

Bikorimana Egide

Biography collected and written by Divine Irakoze


Bikorimana Egide, well-known by his artist name “Jay Extra,” is a Burundi national living in the Dzaleka Refugee Camp.

Jay Extra realized that he had a talent for singing in 2015, when he was in high school. Though it wasn’t easy for him as a young refugee without any support, he worked hard and started composing his own songs. He started recording these songs and sharing them through WhatsApp. Little by little, people saw potential in him and started supporting him by buying and listening to his songs. Later on, Jay Extra even expanded his audience by getting his songs played on radio-stations outside of Dzaleka. Not only that, he also managed to gain some radio interviews on big stations in Malawi.

Jay Extra has taken music as his full-time career, hoping that one day it will feed his family and also be able to help other refugee artists all over the world to succeed in their own careers regardless of their situation, lack of opportunities, and restrictions. His future plan is to make sure that all the talents that are found in refugee camps can be recognized at a national and even international level. Refugees have talents, but it is very sad that most of them are never recognised, as they do not have anyone to promote them. Finally, he plans to expand his brand as Jay Extra in Malawi and other countries across the world.