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Vianney Bisimwa

Vianney Bisimwa

30 years old
WhatsApp: +265-999254725
Biography collected and written by Luanda Bauma Primo
Photos by Luanda Bauma Primo


My name is Vianney Bisimwa. I came to Malawi in 2014 from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I was a university student before I arrived in Dzaleka. My life was very difficult in the camp, with nothing to do. Despites hardships, though, I did not give up. I decided to join a carpentry course for a year, even though I initially had no interest in becoming a carpenter. When I finished the course, I was very happy because I had learned something that I could use to improve my living conditions. I realized, though, that I had no equipment, so I started making bricks and sold them in order to get money. After a couple of months, I got enough money to buy equipment. As of now I can say that my life has improved. Through carpentry I have built a house, and I have married my beautiful wife. I have a big family that I can support, and that is the greatest achievement in my life. I earn 30000 Malawi Kwacha per month, and I have opened a workshop where I teach youths for free. I advise others to join carpentry because it has helped me so much and has become a source of income. I ask well-wishers who have the heart to help to support refugees’ work and ideas.

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